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Dali University  is a multi disciplinary comprehensive university run by the Yunnan provincial government.

It has 2 campuses, Hehua campus and The Ancient Town Campus, all located within the city of Dali covering a total area of 3,00,000 sq.mt.

The beautiful and serene environs provide an ideal sowing ground for the pursuit of academic excellence. Besides, the scenery of Dali is considered to be second to none in China.

The university attaches great importance to scientific research and has undertaken more than 171 scientific research programs including 9 national level programs winning the provincial science award. It employs 971 full-time teachers, 122 professors, 287 associate professors. it has completed many international national and provincial level research projects.
About College

The college is under the provincial government of Yunnan and is listed with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Medical Education Directory (IMED).

Medium of Instruction

Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended. This is for facilitating effective interaction during clinical period and comfortable stay. Passing of the HSK (Chinese) is mandatory.


Spacious and comfortable dormitories provided with modern amenities. The dormitories are 4 sharing and are provided with attached baths. The Dormitories are separate for Boys & Girls with adequate security.


Hygienically prepared nutritious food available. Although Chinese cuisine predominates in the canteen, it is possible to get cuisines from other countries from the numerous restaurants and eateries that dot the city.


Degree Conferred as: MBBS Duration : 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country.


10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Admission will be based on high school credentials and Admission Test (OMAT) /Interview. 60% min marks required. NEET required


Dali is considered to be one of the most picturesque hill resorts in China drawing tourists from all over the world. Summer – Max: 26° C Min: 18° C Winter – Max: 21° C Min: 4° C


Located in 2nd ancient city of Dali in Yunnan. Address: Hongsheng Road , Dali, Yunnan, P R China.