HSK Schedule


Below are the official 2020 internet-based HSK test dates published by Hanban (HSK administer), along with registration deadlines and score release dates.

Note that though the test dates are already fixed, most test centers won’t allow you to register for the test far ahead of your test date (registration usually begins 3-4 months before the test date).

Internet-based HSK

Test DateRegistration DeadlineScore Release
Jan 11 (Sat)Jan 01Feb 03
Feb 09 (Sun)Jan 30Feb 24
Mar 07 (Sat)Feb 26Mar 23
Mar 21 (Sat)Mar 11Apr 06
Apr 11 (Sat)Apr 01Apr 27
May 09 (Sat)Apr 29May 25
Jun 14 (Sun)Jun 04Jun 29
Jul 12 (Sun)Jul 02Jul 27
Aug 23 (Sun)Aug 13Sep 07
Sep 19 (Sat)Sep 09Oct 12
Oct 17 (Sat)Oct 07Nov 02
Nov 07 (Sat)Oct 28Nov 23
Nov 21 (Sat)Nov 11Dec 07
Dec 06 (Sun)Nov 26Dec 21

Also, take note that not all test centers administer HSK tests at every level on every test date.

How often your test center gives the HSK at your level depends on their funding and on how popular the test is in your region/country, so double-check with your test center to see your available test dates.

Your HSK test score will be available online at the HSK website two weeks after the test date, with the exceptions of the test dates before the Chinese New Year and National Day Holiday. For these two tests, the release of score reports will be postponed by another week.

The physical test report, on the other hand, will be sent to your test center 1-2 months after the test date, and you should be notified either by email or telephone for a pickup.